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Shelby Hearn
June 1, 2023 | Cooking with Suhru | Shelby Hearn

Cooking with Suhru: Rosé

Cooking with Suhru: Rose + Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho

Nothing says summer like gazpacho—pair a chilled glass of Dry Rosé with a freshly made bowl of spicy watermelon gazpacho and boy are you in for a treat! This light, refreshing recipe screams "Summer" and you can't help but reach for another glass (or bowl). With the perfect balance of sweet and heat, this refreshing summer dish is sure to please!

Because rosé is such a versatile wine, I find myself often overlooking it when it comes to food and instead pair it with the occasion of sitting outside on a hot day or sipping by the water. And while that is all fine and good (who doesn't love a cold glass of Rosé on a hot Summer day) we can't forget that it is also an excellent pairing wine! Pair it with a cheese board? Great! Rosé and grilled chicken off the BBQ? Absolutely! With fresh strawberries? Yum! The options are truly endless but I think I have found a personal favorite—Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho!

While I do like heat, I would not describe this dish as "spicy" but rather with a nice heat to balance out the fresh, seasonal flavors and once the rosé hits your lips the heat subsides leaving a beautifully refreshing finish. I cannot fully articulate how much I love this pairing, so run, don't walk to your local farmstand and give this one a try with a bottle of Suhru Rosé

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