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Shelby Hearn
September 11, 2023 | Cooking with Suhru | Shelby Hearn

Cooking with Suhru: Sparkling Brut

Cooking with Suhru: Sparkling and Peach Baked BrieWhen it comes to food pairing with Sparkling wines, there are a number of directions you can go—sweet or savory, breakfast or dinner, appetizers or dessert, everyday or special occasion... the list goes on. While I love them all, I am partial to a savory, everyday appetizer and in particular a baked brie (can you go wrong with hot cheese?!). 

Baked bries provide a plethora of flavor options all perfectly balanced with the rich flavor of the cheese. As we move into the cooler Fall months, with Summer not quite ready to quit we have combined a number of Summer and Fall flavors to ease our transition into the cooler months ahead. The fresh, bright flavors of a ripe, local peach paired with the rich nuttiness the pecans provide all topped with a drizzle of honey for a touch of sweetness and fresh thyme and rich prosciutto offering a balance of savory and earthy qualities. All of these flavors combined perfectly balance out the crisp, refreshing flavors of a Sparkling Brut bringing the best of the dish and the wine to the forefront of your palate. 

So pour yourself a glass of sparkling, pop your baked brie in the oven and enjoy!

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