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Shelby Hearn
November 11, 2023 | Cooking with Suhru | Shelby Hearn

Thanksgiving Wine & Food Pairings

Cooking with Suhru: The Thanksgiving EditionThe countdown to Thanksgiving has begun and what are the holidays without wine?! This time of year is busy and stressful enough without the added worry of 'what to make' and 'what to serve it with' so we've collected a few of our favorite Thanksgiving food & wine pairings (complete with recipes) to make the Holiday Season all that much easier.

Whether you are looking for Thanksgiving classics or something new, appetizers, sides, the main event, dessert or a wine inspired cocktail—we got you!

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The key to any great food & wine pairing is complimentary flavors. The classic go-to wine styles to compliment a classic Thanksgiving meal include white wines with high acid and a hint of residual sugar such as Dry Riesling, and red wines with bright flavors, red fruit notes, and medium body such as Shiraz and Cabernet Franc. While those tried and true will always work nicely, there are no hard and fast rules. Wine is made to be enjoyed, so have some fun with it!

If you're looking to mix-up your Thanksgiving try one of these delicious appetizers: Local Grilled Oysters paired with a refreshing Sparkling or crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a rich and decadent  Baked Brie paired with a bottle of Teroldego, or a selection of crostinis—this local Cheddar & Prosciutto is a particular favorite this time of year! 

For the Main Event—the Turkey—there are a number of ways you can go but a recent favorite in the Hearn household has been to cook the turkey on the smoker! Assistant Winemaker Brad Ulrich has become famous for his skills on the Smoker and impresses every holiday season with a beautiful Smoked Turkey. For the more adventurous and less traditional Thanksgiving go-er we've also added a Leg of Lamb to our Thanksgiving dinner table (because why not?!) Both dishes pair beautifully with a fruit forward red wine with a little bit of pepper and spice such as a Cabernet Franc or Shiraz, both excellent choices for your holiday table. 

Once we've got the turkey out of the way it is on to the sides (honestly everyone's favorite part anyways) and while we all love the classics—mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, a leafy salad, cranberry, and sweet potatoes—I like a little twist, a little excitement, a little something different during the holidays and like to rotate through new recipes each year to always keep it fresh and new. A few recent favorites that are quickly becoming Thanksgiving staples in my house are Butternut Squash Orzo (a quick and easy spin on risotto) and a rich and creamy baked Mac n' Cheese, my brother-in-law's most requested dish! And if those aren't enough, checkout a roundup of a few of our favorite Fall pairings for more inspiration!

Last, but certainly not least, comes dessert. Everyone has an apple pie recipe but have you tried an apple tart?! Now this is a controversial statement (I am well aware) but I'm not a big Apple Pie fan, however I love an apple tart and this Goat Cheese Apple Tart does not disappoint, pair it with a bottle of Dry Riesling and it is all the Fall you need in a food & wine pairing!

One last tip to leave you with—the last few years we have started Thanksgiving with a glass of  Mulled Rosé to sip alongside appetizers and I cannot recommend highly enough. 

Whatever you choose to cook, serve & drink on Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoy the holiday with family, friends, and a great bottle of wine, cheers!



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