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February 28, 2024 | Suhru Wines

Wine Tasting Notes

When it comes to selecting a bottle, your personal tastes and preferences influence the wines you choose. One of the many great reasons to taste wines is to explore those tastes and preferences by expanding your exposure to new and exciting wines! We always recommend visiting a winery tasting room for the complete immersive experience but you can go wine tasting at home simply by following these simple 5 steps. 

How Does Taste Work?

Take a deep breathe through your nose. Notice how you feel the air passing through the back of your throat? That's because your nose and mouth conect to the same airway at the back of your throat meaning that your sense of smell and your sense of taste are dependant on one another which is why when you smell something particularoy apetizing your mouth starts to water.

If you have ever taken a look at your tongue you may have noticed the hundreds of little bumps (or taste buds) dotting the surface of your tongue. It is those taste buds that interact with the foods we place into our mouths and send messages to our brain identifying if foods one of the five main taste categories—salty, sweet, sour, bitter or umami (a meaty, savory taste). 

You tongue identifies the 5 main tastes categories but it is your nose and your sense of smell that decipher the nuances and individual flavors of those tastes which is why it is so important to engage both your sense of smell and taste when tasting wine, food, or other beverages. 

Engage Your Senses




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