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Susan Hearn, Director of Opperations & Partner


Susan Hearn, owner at Suhru Wines

Susan developed her passion and knowledge of wines in her 30’s. Being married to a winemaker she was exposed to the intricacies of the winemaking process, inspiring her in 2008 to launch her own label Suhru Wines, a name derived from her first name Susan, her husband and Suhru Wines winemakers first name Russell and their last name Hearn. 


To enhance her knowledge of wines and winemaking, she has toured the wine regions of France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, California, Virginia, and New York. Sue is attracted to fresh, vibrant wines, including aromatic crisp whites and more fruit-forward red wines. Her goal is to make excellent, approachable wines that are a little different from the mainstream!

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