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Open That Local Wine Night

Date: Sat, Mar 28, 2020
Venue: The Internet

Open That Bottle of Local Wine Night

Saturday, March 28th

Please join us & our friends across the United States as we celebrate all things local food & wine this Saturday, March 28th for "Open That Bottle of Local Wine Night". This is a great way to connect with the wine community online, show support for your favorite local wineries, and a great excuse to open a fantastic bottle of wine!

To take part all you have to do is: 

  1. Get a bottle of local wine & open it Saturday, March 28th
  2. Enjoy it with a nice meal—either home-cooked or takeout from your favorite local restaurant (they need your help too!)
  3. Post picture(s) of the wine(s) online—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter—using hashtag #openlocalwine #eatdrinklongisland
  4. Be sure to share why you picked that wine (or wines) and who you are sharing it with
  5. Tag @ the winery @lennthompson, @drinkwhatyoulike to be shared!

To learn more about this great event visit The Cork Report!

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